Doctored Photos of Emma Watson Lead to Child Pornography Charges

Posted By Okabe & Haushalter || 4-Jun-2010

Last month, photos appear on the internet that showed actress Emma Watson nude. The photos were in fact doctored and now the man who created the photos has been charged with child pornography. The charges were brought against the man, 39 year old John Cavanaugh, because he superimposed an image of the Watson's head on top of an underage girl.

Cavanaugh has pled guilty to 19 counts of illegally creating an indecent image of a child. Police say that the photos were found on Cavanaugh's computer after an eviction attempt. The judge presiding over Cavanaugh's case said, "Miss Watson will be very distressed to know what you have been doing."

Watson is most infamously known for her role as Hermoine Granger in the hit Harry Potter series. She is 20 years of age.

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