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Women Sexually Harassed in Egypt

Women in Egypt suffer through catcalling, groping, and various other forms of harassment on a daily basis.  Egyptian women continue to be treated disrespectfully by men who excuse their behavior by saying things like "We are men.  We're sorry.  Just go now."   

When a 24 year old video editor was surrounded and roughly groped by four men after Hosni Mubarak fell from power, she screamed.  The reaction?  People yelled at her to be quiet so she would not tarnish the revolution.  Though examples from that night are particularly chaotic, the sexual harassment the women faced was not specific to Egyptian women.  Lara Logan, a high profile US reporter, was brutally sexually assaulted and beaten by a mob of men that same night.  She ended up being hospitalized for several days.

If you or someone you know has been accused of a sex crime, it is important that you  contact a Los Angeles criminal defense lawyer right away.  Charges of sexual assault and various other federal crimes can lead to very serious consequences.  You need Okabe & Haushalter where you will find the best Los Angeles criminal defense attorney for your needs.  Call them to discuss your case today and ensure that you have the best criminal defense possible.

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