Sex Crime Charges Dropped for Casting Director

Posted By Okabe & Haushalter || 2-May-2012

Charges were dropped against a Hollywood casting director Wednesday who allegedly had his name changed to conceal his status as a sex-offender. The judge in the case stated that there was evidence the director consistently provided his employers and other agencies with his real name as well as his driver's license and passport when it was necessary. The man received his sex-offender status in 1996 when he kidnapped an 8-year-old. Using an alias was especially concerning in his line of work because he was in charge of casting young children in movies. The final ruling was that the law does not prohibit sex offenders from using a shortened version of their name, as long as they notify the necessary people of their status. If you have an issue regarding sex offender registration or are in need of sex crimes defense, then get in touch with a Los Angeles criminal defense attorney from our firm. Contact a Los Angeles crime lawyer from Okabe & Haushalter today.

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