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Largest Public Official Bribery Case in U.S. History

60 months in prison - 7/8/2015

Former Moreno Valley councilman charged with accepting $2.36 million bribe from an undercover FBI agent, the largest ever of its kind during a sting operation. Also faced state fraud and theft charges. All penalties reduced to 60 months.

People v. D.

Dismissed. -

Possession of child pornography investigated by the FBI, warrants issued and a confession.

People v. J.S.

Dismissal -

Drunk in public

People v. D.G.

Complete dismissal, with no DEJ or Prop. 36. -

Felony possession of a controlled substance.

People v. D.R.

Dismissal of all charges -

Felony Charges of bringing controlled substances into a correctional institution.

People v. T.H.

Complete dismissal of all charges -

Felony resisting arrest and drunk in public

Juvenile Charged with Assault on Torrance Bus Driver

Dismissal of all charges -

Felony Domestic Battery with Great Bodily Injury Allegation.

Acquittal by Jury -

A 29 year old man accused of beating his ex-girlfriend was found not guilty of all felony charges and allegations by a jury yesterday after only 45 minutes of deliberation. Attorney Ryan Okabe stated after the verdict was read: "I am glad that the jury was able to overcome the powerful photos the prosecution focused on and understand the real issues in this case. My client was never guilty of beating his ex-girlfriend." The defense focused on the alleged victim's credibility, alcohol abuse and motives to lie.

A vigorous cross-examination by Mr. Okabe of the prosecution's medical expert resulted in the Doctor admitting that the injuries sustained by the alleged victim could have been self-inflicted and that her alcoholism contributed to the deep bruising on her body and fractured ribs.

Mr. Okabe stated: "I am thrilled that my client was exonerated today. We always believed in the innocence of our client and the jury today upheld our beliefs."

The defendant was facing six years in prison if convicted.

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