Con Or Gift? Who Draws The Line?
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Con Or Gift? Who Draws The Line?

The recent arrest of D. Frank and the search for her daughter comes after the two women were accused of conning a 90-year old man into giving them his Mercedes Benz, thousands in case and other expensive personal properties.

The arrest took place in El Segundo, part of the San Diego County last week. Officials have documented the thousands of dollars in gifts and purchases that the elderly man has made in the last several weeks, and they have tied these back to his interaction with the two women from El Segundo. However, it has not been established whether or not these acts were done under coercion.

As of right now, the acts – while somewhat exorbitant and out of character – remain no more than personal choice. Who is to say that these weren’t given of his own accord.

Right now, two women remain accused of conning and scamming and innocent man. However, until this can be proven there is really no reason to question the man’s generosity. A deputy police officer even stated that the man’s memory is not nearly as sharp as it used to be, making accounts of his memory lapses in expenditures somewhat unconvincing.

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