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Flight Risk Detained In Los Angeles

Yongda Huang Harris is a naturalized U.S. citizen from China who boarded a flight from Japan to LAX. Harris’ family lives in Boston, and he worked for years as a Junior High School teacher in Japan. When investigated, police were concerned to find child pornography on this laptop, and believe that has an inclination to violence and sexual assault against young children. While this may be concerning, even more concerning is the fact that Harris boarded his plane in a bulletproof vest and flame retardant pants. In his checked luggage, the police found knives, body bags, and an alleged pyrotechnic smoke grenade. When he landed in Los Angeles, the airport authorities and LAPD arrested Harris and his is now being held in a local jail.

Harris complains that he is supposed to attend his stepfather’s funeral in Boston and wants to be released from the jail. LAPD officers are reluctant to let the man get another plane. Authorities also found a full-face respirator, a hatchet, a biohazard suit, leg irons, and a collapsible in the man’s luggage. There were three leather coated Billy clubs and a device that is used to repel dogs. Harris’ attorney believes that the entire arrest and trial have been grossly inflated and are unnecessary and prejudice. He argues that Harris’ weapons were the result of an over-paranoia about the dangers that occur on the streets of Boston. His attorney describes him as a “nice young man who is shy and gentle” and claims that Harris just wanted to be prepared to face street thugs that he may encounter. Contact a criminal defense attorney today if you were arrested because of suspicious weapons or items that were placed in your luggage. You will want an attorney who cares to come alongside you and fight for your innocence!

Category: Criminal Defense