“Millionaire Matchmaker” Contestant Accused of Domestic Violence
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“Millionaire Matchmaker” Contestant Accused of Domestic Violence

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OKABE & HAUSHALTERMar 28, 2019Domestic Violence

In the age of #MeToo and #Timesup, people have grown more sensitive to crimes the involve women. From sexual harassment to domestic violence, many have taken to Facebook and Twitter to share their stories. Choosing to share your story is brave. Using a story to help you get through your own is the whole purpose of storytelling. Culturally and socially it is so important to share stories. It helps other victims feel less alone and provides warnings for the men who initiated the misbehavior. However, these stories do not always translate well in the legal realm. There is nothing right about a woman being abused, but in the legal world the defendants aren’t just accused of domestic violence but attempted murder as well.

Arrested In The Limelight

Our Domestic Violence Attorneys at Okabe & Haushalter do not condone hitting a woman or anyone. We believe that people should live their lives in happy and hopeful relationships. Unfortunately, that isn’t always the case. Unhealthy relationships are found everywhere; no matter how much money you make. For example, John Bonavia is a 31-year-old financial advisor who was once a contestant on “Millionaire Matchmaker”. The host of the TV show dabbles in love for millionaires. She conducts a study on the bachelor and provides him with several options in hopes to spark eternal love. The show was a hit. From the lavish dates to the sexy fashion, audiences loved seeing what the rich did on dates.

This reality TV show was a hit. As a contestant on the show, you are exposed to the public which makes Bonavia’s story even more vulnerable. Bonavia was arrested in his home after a disturbing the peace call was made at 1 am early Sunday morning. The report stated that they were met with an unruly male (Bonavia) and they found a half beaten woman in his house. They arrested him with charges of suspicion of attempted murder, resisting arrest, and violating probation—he was previously arrested for domestic violence. He is being held in Men’s Central Jail without bail.

Bonavia is waiting for his court date. Without an aggressive defense team, Bonavia could be found guilty in all accounts. Without representation, the courts are ready to give as much punishment as they can. Without, strong advocates on your side is the difference between spending years in jail or a few months. It is the difference between paying fines or paying fines with your life.

What To Do

Our Domestic Violence Attorneys at Okabe & Haushalter are in the job of making sure that you are not getting more than you deserve. Because we deal with high profile clients, we understand the importance and necessity of privacy. We have a firm belief in keeping our client’s information confidential because our privacy is our constitutional right. If you, like Bonavia, are dealing with domestic violence charges keep your mouth shut until we are by your side. Call 310-430-7799 or click here to speak with our professional staff at Okabe & Haushalter in today.