Jailed NFL Player Claims He Had Mental Illness When Committing Crimes: Could This Get Him Released?
Since 2013, the NFL player faced 25 criminal charges, including 10 for assault and battery. The charge that landed Young in prison was assault with a deadly weapon and felony battery that led to severe injuries in his acquaintance in early 2016.
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An increasing number of inmates in Los Angeles is using the insanity defense to get out of jail or reduce their sentences. And former Detroit Lions second-round pick Titus Young, who is currently serving a four-year sentence Southern California prison, may have a slight chance to get released. Young claims he had a mental illness […]

It’s not unheard of for Los Angeles Police Department to arrest or incorrectly accuse innocent people of a crime in the so-called case of mistaken identity. Whether you’re a witness of a crime that someone else committed or even the victim, being wrongfully accused of a crime is a common issue in Los Angeles and […]

A West Covina woman was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon after she stabbed her daughter’s boyfriend in the back. Allegedly the daughter and boyfriend were in a fight at the mother’s home on East Valley Boulevard. The mother attempted to intervene by breaking up the accident after the boyfriend shoved her daughter to the […]

Assault Victim Hospitalized


A 45-year-old man charged with assault this past Saturday, February 25th is now in the hospital after police found him unresponsive. The man barricaded himself for ten hours on Saturday in order to avoid police, but when the police hadn’t heard any movement for some time, they went in to investigate. It was then that […]

A 19-year-old male from Santa Clarita is pleading not guilty to the allegations that he committed sex crimes against underage victims whom he met on Facebook. 34 charges are being brought against him, and if he is found guilty of all of them, he could get life in prison. The charges against the 19-year-old are […]

Man Assaults Homeless Man With A Tire Iron


On January 16, 2012, a man was arrested on charges of aggravated assault that took place back in June of last year. The man was driving on Vermont Avenue when he exited his car to confront a homeless man whom he thought exposed a sexually-explicit tattoo to him in a suggestive way. After exiting his vehicle, the […]

Understanding Criminal Charges Of Assault


In the state of California, being arrested or accused of committing assault is a serious situation that should not be treated as anything different. Due to the penalties that are associated with something of this nature, should you be charged, immediate and proactive steps should be taken to preserve your safety and to help defend against the […]