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Category: Domestic Violence

17 May, 2019

Breakups are the worst. They make you feel emotionally vulnerable, and you feel lonely all the time. Breakups are sometimes out of nowhere, or you saw it coming but sat in denial for a long time. Whatever your story is, a break up should hurt your feelings, but they should not ruin your life. Imagine […]

Domestic violence is taken very seriously by prosecutors and law enforcement. Rightfully so, those who have committed domestic violence need to be held accountable. It seems that every day we hear stories of people being arrested on these charges. Today, though, we want to discuss what you should do if you find yourself facing accusations […]

Being falsely accused of domestic violence can be devastating for defendants. But unfortunately, it is all too common. A report from the organization Stop Abusive and Violent Environments notes that more than 700,000 people in the United States are falsely accused of and arrested for domestic violence each year. What’s more, up to 70 percent […]

If you are facing a charge of domestic violence, chances are you’re frustrated and maybe even a bit frightened by the potential outcome of your pending case. And that’s understandable since the state of California takes accusations of domestic violence very seriously. Unfortunately, many innocent people are accused of domestic violence every day. Being convicted […]

After 39 years in prison, Craig Coley, who was wrongfully convicted of two murders, was released and he subsequently settled his wrongful conviction claim with Simi Valley for $21 million dollars. In 1978 Coley’s ex-girlfriend and her son were murdered and in 1980 he was convicted of those murders. Los Angeles domestic violence defense attorneys […]

Once upon a time you and your lovely partner were in it for the long haul. You used to hold each other’s hands and hold each other tight during long cold nights. You two decided that you were in it together, forever. You each understood each other in ways you didn’t think was possible. You […]

12 Jan, 2019

Rightfully so, the United States has shifted rapidly to a society that is working hard to root out discrimination in the workplace. The “Me Too” movement has really changed the landscape, but it has also brought attention to domestic violence. Domestic violence is appalling and should not be tolerated, but what happens when someone is […]

Unfortunately, cases, where false accusations of domestic violence are being made out of revenge, anger, or jealousy are not unheard of. But being falsely accused of domestic violence is not as bad as being prosecuted for it. If you have found yourself in the former situation, calling a Los Angeles domestic violence defense attorney is […]

No matter how ridiculous it might sound, even men can claim self-defense to get domestic violence allegations against them dismissed. We imagine your reaction to this statement to be “Wait, seriously?” We get it. But let us explain. Defending oneself against false domestic violence accusations is not something they teach us in school. And it’s […]

6 Sep, 2018

Did you know that, in many jurisdictions, police are required to take both parties of a domestic violence call to the jail? That’s two mugshots. Two reputations ruined. “They both had marks consistent with striking,” the police may say. “Therefore, we will let the courts decide who was responsible.” What if you are not guilty. […]

The topic of domestic violence is a difficult one in today’s world. There are too many couples that see their relationships come to a screeching halt due to domestic violence issues. What many people tend to forget is that domestic violence does not only involve love interests. It also involves violence between siblings, cousins, friends […]

Unfortunately, many people do not know the difference between domestic violence and abuse. And contrary to the popular belief, you do not necessarily have to suffer bodily injury from your partner or spouse to be a victim of domestic abuse. You do not necessarily have to be hurt physically in order to be entitled to […]