What You Need To Know If You Are Accused Of An Internet Sex Crime
If you have been charged with an internet sex crime, it’s easy to feel like your life is falling apart before your eyes as your online behavior is dissected in a court of law. Contact Okabe and Haushalter.
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In the modern era, the internet is used for everything from education to socializing. People of all ages use the internet as a part of their daily lives, whether for messaging friends on their cell phones or using their tablets or computers to banter with strangers in chat rooms and online forums. It’s rare that […]

Last month, photos appear on the internet that showed actress Emma Watson nude. The photos were in fact doctored and now the man who created the photos has been charged with child pornography. The charges were brought against the man, 39-year-old John Cavanaugh because he superimposed an image of the Watson’s head on top of an […]

In the city of Sacramento, proposed legislation that would have banned sexual offenders from using social networking sites, like Facebook, has died in an Assembly committee. This Friday, it is reported that the Assembly Appropriations Committee held two Democratic bills on the issue due to cost concerns.  In order to be considered by the entire […]

OC Man Charged With Luring Minor For Sex


An Anaheim man is in police custody after luring a minor into a hotel and raping her. The suspect, 33-year-old Matthew Martinez Casteneda, allegedly used the social networking site MySpace to convince the 12-year-old girl to meet him at the South Coast Plaza mall in Costa Mesa. According to Anaheim police, Casteneda took the girl to […]