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Juvenile Drug Sale Charges

Lawyer For Drug Sale & Distribution Cases In Los Angeles

Selling or distributing drugs is a serious juvenile criminal offense. A Los Angeles juvenile defense lawyer or attorney at Okabe & Haushalter may be able to help you if your child is facing accusations involving drug sale or distribution.

Because drug sale/distribution charges may also involve allegations of gang affiliation or other crimes, a juvenile facing drug sale charges may receive enhanced penalties if convicted. This includes incarceration and probation. In some serious drug crime cases, particularly those involving violence, a minor may also face being tried as an adult in adult court rather than facing lesser penalties in juvenile court.

Our Los Angeles juvenile criminal defense lawyers understand how important it is to a child’s future to provide him/her with superior defense representation in the face of serious criminal charges. We utilize our experience and aggressive defense tactics in this field to help juvenile offenders receive minimum penalties or have charges dropped before a drug sale case has the opportunity to reach juvenile court.

Get Help From A Los Angeles Juvenile Defense Attorney

If your child has been arrested or detained in accordance with drug sale or distribution charges, you will need a Los Angeles juvenile defense attorney on your side who has the experience with California juvenile court and drug court in particular – in order to offer your child the best opportunity at a fair and positive outcome for his/her case.

At our firm, we have the needed experience in juvenile court in California and also have experience as former prosecutors, meaning we can look at a drug sale case from both the defense and the prosecution’s point of view in order to build a more effective defense strategy.

A Los Angeles juvenile defense lawyer at our firm may be able to help if your child is facing drug sale, drug distribution or drug possession charges in Los Angeles. Some of the cities we cover include Torrance, El Segundo, Santa Monica, Long Beach, Palos Verdes, Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach, Redondo Beach and Lomita.

Contact a Los Angeles drug sale defense attorney at our firm to see how we can protect your child’s rights in juvenile court!