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A domestic violence appeals lawyer Los Angeles from our firm can assist you in appealing a domestic violence, domestic abuse, child abuse, or spousal abuse conviction.
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Los Angeles Domestic Violence Appeals Lawyer

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Domestic Violence Or Abuse Appeals

Los Angeles Appeals Attorney

Being convicted of a domestic violence, domestic abuse, child abuse, or spousal abuse crime has a negative impact on every aspect of your life. The consequences go beyond fines, court orders, and other restrictions of your liberty. When applying to jobs, individuals in most cases are required to undergo a background check or to disclose any previous criminal convictions. Employers will be far less likely to hire an individual who has been convicted of domestic violence. The damage to your personal and professional life can be extensive and permanent.

Some accusations of domestic violence or domestic abuse are false. Those involved in a bitter divorce or end of a relationship have been known to make false accusations of domestic violence to serve their own ends, whether in a divorce or custody matter. No matter what the circumstances surrounding your case are, your right to a fair and unbiased trial should never be in question. In some cases, justice did not prevail. If you have been convicted of a domestic violence crime and you would like to appeal the court’s decision, you should contact a Los Angeles domestic violence and abuse defense attorney without delay. A highly experienced defense attorney will greatly increase your chances of having your conviction reversed.

Criminal Appeals Lawyer In Los Angeles

The legal team at Okabe & Haushalter has a solid understanding of the laws and circumstances surrounding a domestic violence or abuse trial. In some cases illegal evidence may be used against you or a prosecuting attorney may deliberately mislead the jury in order to secure a guilty conviction. Do not become a victim of illegal actions or violations of your rights at trial. The appeals process is complex, and many law firms do not participate in any type of appeal. Our firm is often called upon to assist other firms in appealing an unfair verdict. If you are a victim of a wrongful conviction on a domestic violence charge, it is crucial that you contact our firm at once. There is limited time in which to request an appeal.

Contact a Los Angeles Domestic Violence Appeals Attorney if you have been wrongfully convicted of a domestic violence crime.