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Los Angeles Insurance Fraud Attorney

Legal Defense For Insurance Fraud Charges

Defined simply, insurance fraud is any type of act allegedly committed by an individual with the intent to fraudulently obtain payment from an insurer. Insurance fraud has been a problem in society ever since the dawning of insurance as a commercial enterprise, which has caused government officials to scrupulously crack down on any person they believe to be committing the offense. There are many different types of insurance fraud, but the most common types include:

  • Life insurance fraud
  • Healthcare insurance fraud
  • Automobile insurance fraud
  • Property insurance fraud
  • Council compensation claims fraud

How Insurance Fraud Is Detected

Law enforcement and government agencies generally run thorough investigations to detect insurance fraud in Los Angeles and throughout the rest of the nation. First, they examine what types of claims are most susceptible to fraudulent charges. By running numbers through a computer, comparing insurance claims against national statistics, they are able to crack down on the claims that are more likely to be fraudulent. After closely examining any and all possible fraudulent claims, the investigation will move on to each individual for further analysis.

Just like in any computer system, we understand that errors may occur that can cause an innocent individual to look guilty of insurance fraud. if you or someone you know has been accused of fraud, including insurance fraud, mortgage fraud, healthcare fraudMedicare fraudMedicaid fraud or consumer fraud, it will be absolutely necessary to contact a seasoned Los Angeles criminal defense attorney well-versed in all aspects of the law surrounding fraud charges.

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