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Insider trading is illegal and it is the buying or selling of a stock or other security by an individual who has access to non-public information. It may be legal for trading to take place by corporate insiders if the trading does not take advantage of such non-public information. However, insider trading refers to the illegal practice where a party trades using material that is private, and should not be released in any form to the public.

One of the main reasons why it is illegal is that it raises the cost of capital for the issuers of securities and decreases economic growth. The United States has very strict laws against this and takes very serious measures to enforce these laws. If you have been charged with insider trading, retaining a Los Angeles federal crime lawyer from Okabe & Haushalter is vital.

Although insider trading is considered a white collar crime, or a nonviolent offense, it is still taken very seriously and the penalties for such can be quite severe. The SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) and many different stock exchanges monitor trading quite actively, looking for an activity that is suspicious. It can be very difficult to prove responsibility for an inside trade. To prevent further confusion and unfair accusations, an SEC “Fair Disclosure” regulation was passed. This requires a company to disclose information to the public if it intentionally discloses non-public information to one individual.

Defending Insider Trading Charges In L.A.

Insider trading charges are very serious. They are dealt with very thoroughly and usually punished heavily in a conviction. It is crucial that you act quickly and contact an experienced and proven federal criminal defense lawyer from our firm. With our legal team in your corner, you can increase the possibility of a favorable case outcome, whether a reduced charge or a “not guilty” verdict. Our team at Okabe & Haushalter has many years of experience in the field of white collar offenses including accusations of insider trading and has the aggressive approach needed to defend your case and protect your rights.

Contact a Los Angeles federal crime lawyer from the firm if you have been accused of insider trading.