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If you or someone close to you has been a victim of misconduct and you believe a learning institution’s negligence is to blame, speak with school misconduct lawyer in Beverly Hills.
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Beverly Hills School Misconduct Attorney

Parents put their faith and trust in schools to provide a safe learning environment for our world’s most precious resource: their children. When a school fails to provide a secure place for the next generation to learn and grow, the consequences can be devastating. When school staff engages in misconduct toward a student, the trust we place in that learning institution is shattered and the lives of the students harmed by that misconduct may be forever changed.

What constitutes school misconduct?

Misconduct at school could take several forms, including molestation of a student by a teacher and statutory rape or other forms of abuse perpetrated by a school staff member against a student victim. Misconduct at school is a serious matter, and with news stories popping up more and more often with regard to this topic, it is becoming an issue that is on the radar of almost all parents with a school-aged child. If you live in Los Angeles County and believe your child has been victimized by an educator while at school, you are strongly urged to contact a school misconduct attorney in Beverly Hills to discuss your potential case.

Differentiating between criminal charges and civil court cases

While a staff member at a school may be criminally charged after committing an act of misconduct against a student victim, criminal court is a separate entity from civil court. The criminal court seeks to establish whether or not a crime was committed by an individual or individuals, whereas the civil court seeks to establish whether or not a person or entity was negligent in some way, thus enabling the crime to have been committed. While the criminal court seeks to punish guilty offenders, the civil court seeks to award damages to victims when a person or institution is found to be liable for a crime.

The scars left by school misconduct may not only be physical

Although some cases of school conduct involve physical abuse and bodily harm, many cases leave marks on the victim that aren’t visible to others. Psychological damage can occur when a student endures misconduct by those they put their trust in, and healing these emotional wounds can require a lifetime of therapy in order for the child to develop into a functional adult. Parents or guardians may also find themselves unable to ever entrust a school with their child’s welfare again after an act of misconduct.

Okabe and Haushalter can stand up for you in civil court

If you or someone close to you has been a victim of misconduct and you believe a learning institution’s negligence is to blame, speak with a school misconduct attorney in Beverly Hills to learn more about your rights in civil court. The lawyers at Okabe and Haushalter can represent your interests in civil court and will see your case through to the end. You and your family may be entitled to a monetary award, and a consultation is available at zero cost to you. Don’t suffer in silence a moment longer-call today for your free case assessment.


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