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Are you currently facing criminal charges in Manhattan Beach? A Manhattan Beach criminal defense lawyer from Okabe & Haushalter can work with you to protect your rights and defend your freedom.
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Manhattan Beach Criminal Defense Attorney

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Manhattan Beach Criminal Defense Lawyer

Criminal Lawyer In Manhattan Beach, California

Arrested? Charged with a crime? A Manhattan Beach criminal defense attorney is what you need to have a chance to avoid the harsh penalties that come with a conviction for any type of criminal offense in California. At Okabe & Haushalter, we handle all types of criminal cases, including drug crimes, DUI, sex crimes, domestic violence, assault and battery, grand theft, juvenile cases, white collar crimes, fraud crimes, federal crimes weapons charges and much more. A criminal defense attorney at our firm can use the law in your favor to help you avoid maximum penalties for the crime you have been accused of.

Okabe & Haushalter: Legal Aid You Can Trust

Okabe & Haushalter is a California criminal law firm offering legal representation to individuals arrested for a crime in Manhattan Beach, California. When you work with a criminal lawyer at our firm, you will experience what it is like to have a legal professional on your side that is knowledgeable, experienced and innovative. Our creative criminal defense strategies and attention to detail allow us to explore every possible avenue in your defense. A lawyer at our firm can work to make all the difference by securing your freedom and clearing your criminal record and reputation.

When a person is suspected of a crime, law enforcement officers and investigators must follow a specific procedure and observe his or her rights at all times. Your criminal attorney will review the facts of your case, investigation, charges, and arrest in order to determine whether protocol was followed and your rights were observed at every point in the entire criminal process. One error, one violation, one illegal action is all it takes to place a shadow of doubt in the minds of the jury or have your case dismissed before it even gets to trial.

Contact a Manhattan Beach criminal defense lawyer at Okabe & Haushalter immediately to find out how we can protect your rights!