Former Stanford Swimmer Convicted of Rape Files For Appeal
The former Stanford University student-athlete was convicted of sexually assaulting an unconscious woman.
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Former Stanford Swimmer Convicted of Rape Files For Appeal

A year ago, Brock Turner was arguably the most despised young man in America. The former Stanford University student-athlete was convicted of sexually assaulting an unconscious woman. Turner was sentenced to 6 months in jail, sparking national outrage. To make things worse, he ended up serving only half of the …

Why Harvey Weinstein Should Be Presumed Innocent

Whenever a person is accused of a sex crime, it is not unusual for the media and the general public to rush to judgement. It is even worse when a celebrity or public figure faces those same damaging accusations. Perhaps no person in Hollywood is facing a harsher spotlight than …

Sexual Harassment on Public Transportation: Most Sex Crimes Go Unreported (But Here’s Why They Shouldn’t)

Reported incidents of sexual harassment and sexual abuse on public transportation in Chicago are on the rise and are surpassing each of the past two years, according to Chicago’s Sun Times. With the media’s increased focus on sex crimes across the U.S., the reports of so-called “non-index” crime on Chicago’s …

Uproar in the Case of Cyntoia Brown, Teen Sex Slave Convicted of Murder, But the Law is the Law

America is up in arms about the case of Cyntonia Brown, a teen sex slave who killed a 43-year-old abusive man and is now serving a life sentence. Celebrities have started a social media campaign and a petition has been launched to free Cyntonia Brown. But releasing Brown from prison …

Charles Manson Dies, the Mass Murderer Who Never Touched a Soul

As there’s a battle brewing over the remains and estate of mass murderer Charles Manson, our Los Angeles murder attorneys have decided to take a look back at the infamous cult leader’s life, his crimes and charges. Charles Manson, who’s often referred to as the mass murderer who never touched …

How Is Rape Prosecuted in Other Countries?

Criminal law can sometimes get complicated in the United States. But when traveling abroad, it can get even more mind-boggling. Different countries have their own justice system on how to handle crimes. Rape is one of the most serious crimes anyone can commit in any country. But not every nation …

Norwegian Billionaire Fined $30K For DUI

It has been said that crime does not pay. This is particularly true for Katharena G. Andressen. The 22-year-old student is considered Norway’s richest woman and the second youngest billionaire in the world with a net worth of $1.23 billion. But when it comes to DUI, Norway’s legal justice system …

Kevin Spacey The Latest Hollywood Celebrity Accused of Sexual Misconduct

It has been a scandalous year in Hollywood. From Bill Cosby to Harvey Weinstein, some of the most powerful men in the entertainment industry have been accused of sex crimes and misconduct. But perhaps the most shocking involves actor Kevin Spacey, who was recently accused by a Boston television news …

Three UCLA Basketball Players Arrested for Shoplifting in China

LaVar Ball has never been shy when it comes to bragging about his talented sons. Ball has parlayed his outspoken behavior and the basketball skills of his sons Lonzo, LiAngelo and LaMelo into a huge business empire that includes his own brand of basketball shoes and a reality TV show. …

The Harsh Reality of Americans Getting Arrested in Japan

Many Americans often complain about our nation’s legal system. Although it is not always perfect, it is often easy to take for granted when traveling to a foreign country. In the United States, those accused of a crime are presumed innocent until proven guilty. But in some countries, it is …