Types Of Domestic Violence Charges In California (Ways To Defend Against Them)
Regardless of the type of domestic violence you are being accused of or prosecuted for, contacting a Los Angeles domestic violence defense attorney is often the only way to prove your innocence and adopt a defense strategy to fight for your freedom, reputation, career, time, and money.
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Types Of Domestic Violence Charges In California (And Ways To Defend Yourself Against Them)

Unfortunately, cases, where false accusations of domestic violence are being made out of revenge, anger, or jealousy are not unheard of. But being falsely accused of domestic violence is not as bad as being prosecuted for it. If you have found yourself in the former situation, calling a Los Angeles …

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Since early October 2017, when first revelations about Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein’s sexual misconduct made the national headlines, America finally realized that we are dealing with a sexual harassment epidemic of some sorts. Something that had been veiled and normalized for decades has become an abomination. For those who have …

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If you are a regular user of such social media platforms as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube, you have most likely had a first-hand experience with Internet trolls. Or, if you are reading this on the blog of our Los Angeles computer crimes defense attorney at Okabe &Haushalter, you may …

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Starting In 2019, Street Vending (Selling Food And Goods On Sidewalks) Will No Longer Be A Crime In California

The day thousands of street vendors across California have been waiting for for years will finally come on January 1, 2019. Outgoing California Governor Jerry Brown hasprepared a New Year’s Eve present for sidewalk vendors selling food and other goods in California: starting January 1, 2019, street vending will no …

Prosecutorial Misconduct: How NOT To Become A Victim Of It In California?

As someone who is facing criminal charges, you cannot trust nobody in this country. And that includes the prosecutor. Yes, that’s right. Prosecutorial misconduct is a real thing. You cannot surprise anyone with police misconduct in this country anymore, but prosecutorial misconduct? “It’s definitely something new,” you may be thinking. …

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What Are The Benefits And Cost Of Hiring A Los Angeles DUI Defense Attorney?

On average, DUI defense attorneys in Los Angeles charge $1,900, while other costs for DUI average $4,600. The average duration of the DUI process, meanwhile, is six months from arrest to resolution. As you may have heard from stories of your relatives or friends, representing yourself when facing charges for …