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Category: Arson

After a body was found in a burning car behind a Garden Grove bank on Tuesday, February 13, local police launched an investigation into the origins of the fire, and the cause of the victim’s death. The Toyota Prius, engulfed in flames, was found in a strip mall parking lot in Little Seoul around 3.30 […]

A man arrested for a string of arson fires and vandalism targeting churches in California was charged with 22 criminal counts. Arson alone is a serious charge, but in most cases, a person charged with arson will also be charged with other criminal counts. In the case of Christian Michael Garcia, 25, setting houses of […]

22 Jan, 2013

In a shocking discovery, a University of California Irvine professor has recently been charged with arson at his son’s high school, the home of a school administrator, a nearby park and now an additional arson charge, according to Orange County prosecutors. These allegations come just months after the professor’s 14-year-old son committed suicide. To date, the UC […]

In 2003, a fire was set that ended up destroying 1,000 homes and killed five individuals as well. Today, the man accused of starting this fire could face the death penalty. Thirty year old arsonist Rickie Lee Fowler was described by the prosecuting attorney as an “evil sadistic felon who raped, robbed and tortured people […]

16 Jul, 2012

In 2003, the majority of California seemed to be on fire. As wildfires spread across the nation, some 600,000 acres and 2,000 homes were destroyed. Sixteen lives were claimed and ten of the fires started allegedly began as a result of arsonists. The number of individuals arrested for arson in 2006 was 16,582. According to […]

6 Mar, 2012

Two women were found in a burning house on Friday, March 2, 2012. Investigators have since stated that the abandoned building was set on fire from the inside early in the morning. It has been reported that when firefighters were trying to get into the house through barred windows, they saw a woman behind the […]

11 Apr, 2011

In the state of California, criminal charges pertaining to arson are taken extremely seriously and are given serious treatment by law enforcement and prosecutors alike. According to state law, arson is considered the willful and knowing action of setting fire to a burning, property or structure. Even the counseling of a person to set fire to a […]