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Category: Fraud

A jeweler from the San Fernando Valley area has recently pled guilty to his conspiracy charges. The jeweler was involved in an insider trading scheme in which he made close to $1.3 million because of stock trading tips he received from his partner, an employee for KPMG. Part of his sentence requires the jeweler to return the […]

23 Jul, 2012

They’re like modern-day true twists on the Ocean’s Eleven saga: gambling-related fraud stories. A story recently made headlines about a casino scam in France: a man marked a deck with invisible ink and three other men played cards with that deck while wearing special lenses that enabled them to see the ink. These men were arrested for […]

21 May, 2012

A recent audit revealed that almost $100,000 was given to the head of the Los Angeles Trade Tech college foundation in phony checks. These apparent forgeries were revealed after an audit released this Monday. Handwriting experts claim that the president of the foundation’s signature appears to be falsified on dozens of checks made out to a […]

3 Jun, 2010

Recently, law enforcement officers reported that an Orange County man committed grand theft. The man is accused of recording deed for dozens of homes that he did not home. The homes were all located in four Southern California counties. After creating fake deeds, Blair Hanloh would rent the homes to tenants. Police was contacted after neighbors […]

23 Mar, 2010

One attorney and several chiropractors and paralegals were arrested this month for their involvement in a large-scale auto insurance fraud scheme. According to ABC News, the group is suspected of defrauding 19 insurance companies by filing false claims for staged accidents, costing nearly $550,000. Prosecutors say those arrested were part of a larger conspiracy involving more than […]