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Category: Grand Theft

The holidays are almost synonymous with family gatherings and Christmas parties. But can you be charged with grand theft auto if someone lends you their car during a party? Fact: an estimated between 700,000 and 800,000 motor vehicles are stolen in the U.S. every year. Imagine the following scenario: you arrive at a Christmas party […]

3 Jun, 2010

Recently, law enforcement officers reported that an Orange County man committed grand theft. The man is accused of recording deed for dozens of homes that he did not home. The homes were all located in four Southern California counties. After creating fake deeds, Blair Hanloh would rent the homes to tenants. Police was contacted after neighbors […]

Manhattan Beach Police detectives have arrested a Westchester couple on suspicion of stealing high-end bicycles, strollers, and motorized scooters and possibly selling the parts for drug money. Arrested were 33-year-old Anthony Taraszka and 31-year-old Michelle Thompson. Both have previously been arrested on similar charges. The most recent arrest came after police investigators found 16 strollers […]

15 Mar, 2010

A father and son remain in police custody after they were arrested for stealing credit cards and money from the elderly. Witnesses say the father-son team would watch from the parking lot as their victims went inside the Ralphs supermarket on north Sepulveda Boulevard. While the victims were inside, the two would back their vehicle […]