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Category: Gun Crimes

This week, an Ohio man was found guilty of aggravated murder- after stabbing, suffocating and dismembering his girlfriend. Before being found guilty, in a bizarre twist, the man accused his deceased girlfriend of begging him to kill her. He claims that he found a text on her phone that indicated that she was going to […]

18 Apr, 2012

The LAPD is looking into an incident in which a member of the USC campus police shot a man suspected of robbery. The man who was shot was a 24-year-old Compton resident and known felon. The incident took place near many USC sorority and fraternity homes, on 28th Street and Figueroa. According to reports, the man […]

19 Mar, 2012

A man shot the mother of his two children and then fled the scene with the kids in an incident early this morning. Police are currently searching for him. Police was notified with a call near 5 am this morning, March 19th, from a location on Ventura Boulevard. The woman who was shot in the […]