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Category: Prostitution

Being accused of prostitution can be a life-altering event, and even though prostitution (also known as solicitation) is considered a misdemeanor offense under the California legislature, the legal repercussions for the person facing the charges can be wide-sweeping and cause a lifetime of problems. People who have been charged with prostitution could face jail time […]

A former advisor to ex-California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger was arrested as an alleged “john” during a statewide trafficking crackdown in California. Daniel Pellissier, who served as one of the advisors during Schwarzenegger’s term as California Governor from 2003 to 2011, has been one of the four men arrested on suspicion of human trafficking and soliciting […]

18 Apr, 2011

Typically, criminal charges pertaining to loitering bring to mind juvenile crimes and the like. In actuality, in many areas, such laws were enacted in an attempt to help crackdown in the activities of gangs who were in the works of a committing a drug crime – such as distribution or sale. Loitering, however, also has serious roots in sex […]