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Category: Theft Crimes

Like DUI arrests of alcohol-impaired drivers, theft arrests rise sharply during the holidays. And there are several factors that contribute to the growing rates of theft on Christmas and New Year’s Eve. And it makes perfect sense, our Los Angeles theft crime attorneys say. People are more likely to become victims of theft during the […]

According to a recent press release posted to Market Watch, a division of The Wall Street Journal, California law enforcement officials will soon be attending an identity theft training. This news indicates that law enforcement is cracking down on this form of crime and expanding its tactics to do so. Research suggests that credit card […]

25 Oct, 2011

On Sunday, October 23, a woman was walking her dogs near her home in the area of the San Bernardino National Forest. It was a little after six in the evening when the woman returned to a stranger in her home. In an effort to defend herself, she pulled bear pepper spray out and sprayed […]

Manhattan Beach Police detectives have arrested a Westchester couple on suspicion of stealing high-end bicycles, strollers, and motorized scooters and possibly selling the parts for drug money. Arrested were 33-year-old Anthony Taraszka and 31-year-old Michelle Thompson. Both have previously been arrested on similar charges. The most recent arrest came after police investigators found 16 strollers […]

15 Mar, 2010

A father and son remain in police custody after they were arrested for stealing credit cards and money from the elderly. Witnesses say the father-son team would watch from the parking lot as their victims went inside the Ralphs supermarket on north Sepulveda Boulevard. While the victims were inside, the two would back their vehicle […]