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Category: Weapons Charge

23 May, 2019

In the United States of America, we have a particular legal system that allows us to remain innocent until proven guilty. It is so important to remember because often when we are accused, we start to feel guilty when we did nothing wrong. Think about it. Think about the last time you were wrongly accused. […]

16 May, 2019

You have the constitutional right to own a gun. No one can take that away from you. However, state and federal legislation can make it harder for you to own one. Sometimes the laws change, and you aren’t even aware of the changes. Our San Francisco Weapons Charge Attorneys at Okabe & Haushalter work with […]

Two recent and unfortunate violent crimes against rideshare drivers have resulted in drivers in California and across the country demanding changes in Uber and Lyft’s anti-gun policy. Uber and Lyft prohibit passengers or drivers from carrying guns while they are a driver or passenger in a rideshare vehicle. Drivers are now asking these rideshare companies […]

Although stun guns – also known as Tasers – are far from harmless, many people in California tend to believe that there are no legal requirements for the possession of stun guns in the state. But is that true? “Not exactly,” says our weapons charge defense attorney Los Angeles at Okabe & Haushalter. “In fact, […]

If recent school shootings are any indication, guns should not be on or anywhere near schools and colleges in the United States. In California, it is illegal to possess or carry a firearm on or near public or private school grounds, including kindergartens, colleges, and universities. However, these strict laws often lead to false arrest […]

If you live in California, you probably know that California’s criminal justice system is designed in a way to keep first-time offenders out of jail. However, if countless weapon charges cases in recent years are any indication, even non-violent persons with first-time gun charges end up in jail. Here’s the thing: if you have been […]

16 Aug, 2018

When you carry a weapon in California and commit a crime you will find yourself in a lot of trouble. The weapons laws in the state are strict, especially when it comes to firearms. It’s important that you know the laws before going out in public with a weapon on your person. It’s also important […]

Being in the possession of a weapon in California can put you in a difficult legal predicament. It becomes even more challenging when you are in the possession of a weapon during the commission of a crime. Our Los Angeles weapons charge defense attorney would like to share with you the possible defenses to being […]

Did you know that you can be charged with possession of a generally prohibited weapon just because your cane, belt, pen or even lipstick resembles a dangerous concealed weapon? That is because the California Penal Code makes it illegal to possess, sell, distribute, or manufacture certain dangerous weapons, many of which can be easily mistaken […]

Facing weapon charges is not exactly the most fun experience. Even though most people in San Francisco and all across California are legally allowed to own firearms, the U.S. government has imposed very strict gun laws. Even if you own a gun lawfully, there are quite a few restrictions that seem to be getting more […]

Many California residents own and use firearms. However, with the increase in concern about weapons regulations, you can expect that interest in firearms possessions charges may increase in Los Angeles. If you are charged with a weapons crime, you need a criminal defense attorney. The Basics of California Weapons Charges Weapons charges are usually felony […]

In recent weeks, one of the worst school shootings in U.S. history triggered a heated debate on gun control all across the nation. Owning a weapon has become much more troublesome now that tens of millions of Americans are up against the current laws regulating the possession of weapons. This means getting arrested on weapons […]