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Category: White Collar Crimes

The executive director for SEIU California, Alma Hernandez, resigned on October 4 after being charged with embezzlement and tax fraud. SEIU California is the state’s largest labor union. Hernandez’s husband, Jose Moscoso, was also charged. She had been a member of the union’s leadership since 2016. If you are being investigated or have been charged […]

19 Aug, 2021

The American legal system can seem complicated. Federal and state courts are set up in different ways to serve specific legal needs. Clarifying the differences between how state and federal courts handle cases can help unravel confusion when someone is facing federal, or state charges and the process laid out in front of them. If […]

27 Jul, 2021

White-collar crimes are rampant across the United States – especially California. According to Statista, the Golden State lost more money to white-collar crime than any other state in the US, losing just over $400 million to fraud in the year 2020. This nearly doubled the next most affected state, Texas, which suffered $203.5 million in […]

Recently, US Senators Elizabeth Warren, Sherrod Brown, and Chris Van Hollen sent a letter to the head of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) asking that the regulatory agency review its policy and procedures regarding company insiders who trade stock in their companies pursuant to 10b5-1 plans. The senators want the SEC to implement further […]

17 Feb, 2021

It is about that time again: Tax Season! Taxation is a complicated venture. There is a reason we hire professionals to complete our taxes. There are so many codes and variations on how to complete taxes, particularly if you are someone with multiple assets. The over-complicated nature of taxes can have people scratching their heads […]

Developing land in LA county takes a monumental amount of paperwork, meetings, private and governmental, red-tape, more meetings, and merely waiting for someone to sign a piece of paper to get the work completed. When a government official interferes and abuses his power to line his own pockets, he or she will put the developer […]

18 Dec, 2020

In the 90s, I remember a hilarious movie that seemed to capture the essence of feeling unfulfilled in your career and turned mundane tasks into comedy gold. “Office Space” has become a cult classic and has no shortage of memorable one-liners.  Even the infamous Bill Lumbergh has become a popular meme, “Yeah… That’d be great.” […]

12 Oct, 2020

Embezzlement is more than just simple theft. Embezzlement is known as employee theft and includes the act of somebody wrongfully appropriating funds that have been entrusted to their care but are actually owned by somebody else. The most common type of embezzlement is conducted by employees, but there are others with fiduciary responsibilities that can […]

11 May, 2019

Communication is vital in running a successful business. Transparency is also important. Sometimes communication and transparency aren’t always a strong suit for people in official roles like CEO or upper management. Our Beverly Hills white collar crime defense attorneys at Okabe & Haushalter have a successful record of working with clients who are charged with […]

If you have tuned into the news over the last few years, you have likely heard the name Michael Avenatti pop up every not and again. He is a celebrity attorney who has a long history representing big-name clients in high profile cases. Last month, we learned that he is facing charges of his own. […]

16 Mar, 2019

The FBI recently uncovered a college admissions and testing scandal that resulted in at least 50 arrests of high profile people and college coaches with possibly more arrests to come. Los Angeles white collar crimes attorneys suspect that the 50 arrests may just be the tip of the iceberg as some colleges announce that they […]

Back in the day, whenever someone said the word “crime,” many immediately thought of a bank robbery or some bad guy killing another individual. But in recent decades, as technology has progressed, the meaning of the term “crime” was expanded well beyond its original and limited meaning. In today’s world, you do not necessarily have […]