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A car with no license plates stopped at a gas station for more than 30 minutes A passed out driver with one foot on the brake while the car was running and in gear Drug paraphernalia visible on the console Stolen goods inside of the car A computer with evidence of identity theft It did […]

Contrary to the popular belief, you do not necessarily have to work for a foreign state’s cyber intelligence or be a “hacker” to be charged with a computer crime in California. In reality, any form of accessing a computer, computer data, network or system without permission is qualified as a “computer crime” under California law. […]

In the year 2018, computer crime is no longer something only top-secret foreign government agents can be accused of. In the world when pretty much every American is using the Internet and has a social media account, cybercrime, aka e-crime, affects millions of people every year. And you can not only be targeted by hackers […]