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False imprisonment in California is typically categorized as a misdemeanor offense. Those defendants adjusted guilty of false imprisonment face up to a year in county jail and fines of $1,000. However, the charge can be enhanced to a felony if certain conditions exist. A felony conviction of false imprisonment comes with up to three years […]

8 Mar, 2019

There is a saying, “there are three sides to a story: the first person’s, the second person’s, and the truth are somewhere in the middle”. When you are charged with a crime there is your story, the prosecutor’s story, and the truth is somewhere in the middle. If you were charged with a crime there […]

17 Aug, 2018

Have you ever wondered what it means when someone says beyond a reasonable doubt? If you’ve heard this saying in the past it’s likely because you have been charged with a crime in California. The most simple definition of this saying is that the prosecution must be able to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that […]

The topic of domestic violence is a difficult one in today’s world. There are too many couples that see their relationships come to a screeching halt due to domestic violence issues. What many people tend to forget is that domestic violence does not only involve love interests. It also involves violence between siblings, cousins, friends […]

Assault and battery are one of the most common crimes committed in California. It’s easy to get involved in a fight with someone else and then that fight turns into a physical one. It very well could have been self-defense, but how do you prove this? It’s very difficult to fight an assault charge. It’s […]

Social media is arguably the most efficient data-driven predictive policing tool utilized by the police, law enforcement agencies and criminal defense lawyers in California and all across the United States. Although many of us tend to think that social media is an innocent tech fad, the government and law enforcement use it to predict and […]

In early April, California lawmakers supported a bill that would help keep minors who have committed crimes out of adult courts. The legislation is backed by both criminal justice experts and former youth offenders. Several bills created a package presented by Senators Holly J. Mitchell, a Democrat from Los Angeles, and Richardo Lara, a Democrat […]