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21 Jul, 2018

It took nearly three decades for Frank O’Connell to get his life back. He was released from prison in 2012 after spending 27 years in prison for a murder he always said he did not commit. A judge agreed after discovering that a sheriff’s detective failed to disclose exculpatory evidence during his original trial. According […]

2 Jun, 2018

The internet is something we rely on on a daily basis. The use of the internet is endless and can be helpful in so many ways. But alongside these benefits, it is a breeding ground for illegal and illicit behavior such as child pornography, drugs and arms trafficking and even sex trafficking of humans. President […]

23 May, 2018

The Fifth Amendment gives you several rights that are important in criminal cases. These are basic constitutional rights, but many people do not fully understand what their rights are or how they should be used. This article provides an overview of your rights, but you should talk to a Los Angeles criminal defense attorney to […]

In October 2017, the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) got permission to become the largest police department in the nation to use drones for police work. The Police Commission permitted the use despite resident concerns that the drones would be misused. The drone misuse could include violations of constitutional rights for those accused of crimes […]

According to a report from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department spokeswoman, a Sheriff’s Deputy shot a man who had been acting suspiciously in the El Monte area on the evening of Tuesday, May 8. Around 11.30 pm, the police officers, who had been driving in the region of Seaman Avenue and Giovane Street, noticed […]

If the recent scandal surrounding Facebook is any indication, your privacy is in jeopardy. But it is not just Facebook or any other social media platform that threatens your safety, but also law enforcement surveillance that seems to be growing and evolving at an exponential rate every year in Los Angeles and all across California. […]

27 Apr, 2018

In what marks the first successful conviction of the high-profile sexual assault claims to come out of Hollywood, Washington, and elsewhere recently, Bill Cosby has been found guilty of sexual assault by a Pennsylvania jury. After a day and a half of deliberations, the jury announced their verdict on Thursday April 26, finding the former […]

In the morning of Wednesday April 19, a white double-axle Wells Fargo cargo trailer was stolen from the parking lot of the California Future Farmers of America Foundation, by thieves who apparently did not know what was inside the truck. The truck was packed up and ready to set off for Anaheim, where a four-day […]

DNA has been used in criminal cases to tie the accused to the scene of the crime. This relatively new technological advancement has been helpful for prosecutors as it is difficult to “fake” a DNA test. Your DNA generally does not change throughout your life. Any time there is a bodily fluid or cell, DNA […]

After spending 6 long years in prison for a murder he did not commit, 33-year-old Jamal Trulove has been awarded $10 million in damages following a federal court ruling that he was framed for the crime. The murder, which occurred at a San Francisco housing complex in 2007, was not committed by Trulove, who has […]

Although San Francisco police are working hard to tackle vehicle break-ins, their efforts so far appear to be somewhat in vain, as the statistics continue to show an increase. For example, November 2017 saw an increase of over 25% compared to November 2016. However, despite the statistics, it’s plausible that not all of these “break-ins” […]

Anyone who’s watched the news, read it online, or even just scroll through their Facebook feed recently, will be familiar with the tragic “swatting” case leading to the death of Andrew Finch. After a Call of Duty disagreement led to a prank call being made to police, reporting a shooting at Finch’s house, Finch was […]