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Cosmetic procedures such as buttock enhancements, facelifts and breast augmentation are all reasonably common nowadays, and are generally safe, if they are performed by qualified, licensed cosmetic surgeons. Seeking a bargain is all well and good when you are shopping for new shoes, or perhaps a vacation, but it is not wise to skimp on […]

It goes without saying that stabbing and sexual assault are both very serious offenses, both jointly and severally. A recent incident in Chicago, where a young woman was stabbed several times during an attempted sexual assault illustrated the horrors of these crimes in no uncertain terms. Luckily, the victim, in this case, was not seriously […]

Murder is never a crime to be taken lightly, particularly when there’s more than one victim. LASD Homicide Bureau is currently investigating a suspect triple murder, which took place in a Palmdale home on Saturday 13th January. Police responding to a welfare check found the bodies of two men and one woman in the 1100 […]

In San Diego, a man from Oceanside that was investigated by authorities for illegal chemic sales on the Internet has been convicted by a federal jury. The man, 45 year old David Grummer, was charged with 23 counts of child pornography. According to U.S. Attorney Laura E. Duffy, Grummer was convicted on Thursday. His charges included 18 counts […]