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Chicago Expungement Attorney

Chicago has a high crime rate and that means that many records have been ruined by legal issues. Once something goes on your record, it will come upon a background check. The worst part is that employers will be able to see this and will sometimes use this information to make hiring decisions. Sadly, society puts a major emphasis on having a job means you are an active member of society. If employers are using your record as a way to not hire you, then showing the courts and society that you are an active member can be very difficult. So, is there any way to avoid this situation? There is, by getting your record expunged. The expungement attorneys at Okabe & Haushalter know the process and what the eligibility requirements are. If you are looking to leave the past behind and have your record expunged, contact our offices for an initial consultation.

Illinois Expungement Laws

The criminal identification act lets certain qualifying circumstances to be expunged like arrests and probation. This only applies to Illinois criminal records and does not apply to any federal or out-of-state records. Traffic offenses, protective orders, divorces, and other civil matters cannot be sealed. Expungement applies to criminal matters. The process of expungement can take several months when done without a Chicago expungement attorney. Expungement and sealing are often confused or used interchangeably. There is a major difference between the two however and this needs to be noted. Expunging is when the records are destroyed and removed from public record. When records are sealed, the general public cannot view them but the agency still stores the information. Some agencies like law enforcement and the courts will be able to gain access to these records as well. Another note, even though you were not convicted of a crime, an arrest will still appear on your record. You will also not have to disclose anything that was expunged to a potential employer. If you are still in the filing process and have not yet received a response then you must still disclose your record to a potential employer if asked.

How we can help?

The past can come back to haunt us and often at the worst times. Sometimes we make mistakes in our youth that carry on with us into our older years. Mistakes happen but you shouldn’t have to pay for them for the rest of your life. If you are tired of the past following you everywhere you go, it is time to discuss the option of expunging your record with one of our Chicago expungement attorneys. At Okabe & Haushalter we can help walk you through the process and get your records expunged effectively. We understand that it is important to have the record expunged or sealed in order to live your life successfully. We will work through every option and we will not rest until all the options have been exhausted. Contact our office today to speak to a Chicago expungement attorney today.