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Los Angeles Peer-to-Peer Sharing Child Porn Attorney

Los Angeles Peer-to-Peer Sharing Child Porn Lawyer

Los Angeles Child Pornography Lawyer

Peer-to-peer sharing is an increasingly popular way of sharing files via the internet. The computers in a peer-to-peer network use diverse connectivity between participants. These networks make file sharing easier because each computer can directly connect with the other, without a server in the middle. In essence, the individual computers act as servers to one another and allow file sharing, downloads and uploads. Peer-to-peer sharing is also referred to as “P2P”.

More recently, peer-to-peer sharing in some instances has been linked to the distribution of child pornography. In an August 19th, 2008 press release from the U.S. Department of Justice website, peer-to-peer sharing is specifically mentioned in a child pornography case. According to the release, federal and local authorities worked together to conduct an 8-month investigation which resulted in criminal charges against 52 individual defendants who allegedly used peer-to-peer networks to exchange child pornography.

Fighting Peer-to-peer Sharing Charges

It is imperative that you consult a Los Angeles child pornography attorney as soon as possible if you have been accused of the possession, production or unlawful distribution of child pornography in conjunction with a peer-to-peer network. You may face very serious charges under state or federal law, and a conviction may result in long-term imprisonment in state prison, large fines, probation and sex offender registration.

Just one of the criminal penalties associated with a child pornography conviction is enough to forever change your life. Together, the consequences of a conviction are disastrous. You may lose your freedom, your job, and custody of your children. Your reputation may never recover. You may have to register as a sex offender, a label that will last a lifetime. By working with a defense lawyer, you have the opportunity to avoid these consequences and can instead move on with your life. Contact Okabe & Haushalter to protect your rights in the face of peer-to-peer sharing charges.