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Possession of Obscene Materials Lawyer

Los Angeles Child Pornography Lawyers

Child pornography charges in California are covered under the state’s obscenity laws. These cover the possession, production, distribution and sale of “obscene materials” – those visual depictions of minors (children under 18 years old) engaging in sexual activity. This may include actual sexual acts with other children, with adults, or with animals. It may also include nudity, masturbation or any actions which are sexual in nature. Simply receiving or possessing obscene material is a serious criminal offense that is most often charged as a misdemeanor for a first offense.

Exceptions And Defenses For Obscene Material Charges

There are some exceptions to charges involving the possession of obscene material. This includes material that was created or is possessed for bona fide scientific, educational or medical purposes. Additionally, the defendant would have needed to intentionally possess or distribute the obscene material in order to face criminal charges. If someone else hacked into the defendant’s computer, for instance, and remotely downloaded the images, the defendant should not be convicted of child pornography.

Fight The Allegations Brought Against You

You cannot afford to wait to consult a skilled criminal defense firm if you or someone you know has been accused of the possession of obscene material or any child pornography related charge. These are serious and a conviction may result in imprisonment, heavy fines, sex offender registration – and more. Only a highly experienced and dedicated defense attorney will have a chance of effectively defending your rights against these charges, and thus it is important that you work with a firm that has the track record of success in this specific field.

Okabe & Haushalter is such a law firm. Our attorneys have extensive experience and expertise in the realm of child pornography charges and the possession of obscene material. When you work with a Los Angeles child pornography lawyer at our firm, you can feel confident that your case is being handled by a professional who will fight to the end to protect your interests. Contact us today to schedule a free initial consultation about your case!