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Shaken Baby Syndrome

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Domestic Violence & Shaken Baby Syndrome In L.A.

When a child suffers from shaken baby syndrome, many catastrophic events occur as a result. Not only will you be taken into custody for the harm you have caused your child, but your child will most likely require extensive medical care and treatment for the rest of their life. Law enforcement takes abuse cases such as this to be very serious, and even a mere accusation or whisper of domestic violence can leave you with permanent damages. However, if you were wrongly accused of domestic violence or shaking your baby, you must take immediate legal action in order to protect your rights and to protect your child from further harm.

If another member of your family is responsible for the trauma and serious injuries that have been forced upon your child, you must quickly secure legal representation to ensure that the blame is not placed upon you. Your main priority will be to protect your child, and by speaking to a Los Angeles domestic violence defense attorney, you can learn how to do this. Here at Okabe & Haushalter, our legal team strongly understands the difficulties in being falsely accused of a criminal offense. Day after day we see clients who have been wrongly charged with a crime, and without our help, they would have spent years or even decades behind bars. Call us today to learn more about the shaken baby syndrome and the legal help you can get!

Serious Brain Trauma In Shaken Baby Syndrome Cases

When a child suffers from the shaken baby syndrome, some of the most common symptoms include subdural hematoma, brain swelling, retinal hemorrhage, severe brain damage, fractures, vomiting, seizures and dilated pupils. The list of symptoms goes on, but in many cases, there are no visible signs of external trauma, which can be extremely dangerous. With no external trauma, you may not realize that your child has been harmed until it is too late.

Call our office today to get a full consultation of your case if you have recently been accused of harming your child. We offer completely confidential consultations and work aggressively to ensure that your rights are protected and your future is safeguarded.

Contact a Los Angeles domestic violence defense lawyer if you have been accused of shaking your baby and inflicting harm to your child.