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Appealing Drug Convictions

Los Angeles Drug Crime Appeals Lawyer

Individuals convicted of drug crimes can benefit from the professional legal services of Ryan T. Okabe and Mark J. Haushalter. We are an established criminal defense firm with experience in all types of drug crime cases and in helping offenders appeal their cases at a higher court. A criminal conviction can cause loss of employment and the ability to attend a college of choice or pursue a desired career. Many clients appeal the decision of the court because they believe they received an unfair trial or unjust decision by a judge or trial jury.

The Constitution guarantees the right for all citizens to receive a fair trial and the law allows the opportunity to have a higher court review cases of lower courts. To seek legal advice following an unfavorable court decision, contact a Los Angeles drug crime attorney dedicated to clients and helping them with their criminal appeals process. Our attorneys have worked as public defenders and for the state prosecution. We bring a unique insight of both sides of the law giving us an advantage in our appeals cases.

Basis For Criminal Appeals In Drug Crime Cases

An aggrieved party is one who receives an adverse decision by the courts and has reason to believe mistakes contributed to the outcome of the case. The appeal of a case can occur if there were mistakes made by a judge, the jurors or attorneys in the court case. The appellate courts review cases based on facts only and do not allow the introduction of further evidence. Some common factors that influence criminal appeals revolve around the subject of evidence and if the allowing or excluding of certain evidence had a bearing on the outcome of a case. If the courts fail to apply the law to the facts of the case, there may be sufficient evidence for the appeals court to rule differently.

An individual has a lot at stake if convicted of a drug crime or other types of criminal offenses. It is important to retain legal counsel and representation from attorneys committed to helping clients through the entire appeals process from the beginning Motion of Appeal through written and oral arguments. Make an appointment today for a consultation with a reliable criminal appeals attorney concerning a drug crime conviction.

Contact a Los Angeles criminal appeals lawyer for legal advice and guidance through the criminal appeals process following a conviction on a drug offense.