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Asset Forfeiture

Legal Confiscations In Los Angeles Drug Crime Cases

One of the major weapons available to the criminal justice system in the war on drugs is asset forfeiture, and if you have been served with a notice that any of your property is marked for forfeiture, you need to know what you are up against. Asset forfeiture is provided for under California state law, as well as being included in federal law, and what it means to you is that if law enforcement officials believe that property or money you own was obtained through criminal activity, or was employed in the commission of a crime, they can confiscate it. An example would be if you are accused of the sale or distribution of marijuana while in your car, the police can seize the vehicle.

Understanding Asset Forfeiture

The principle of asset forfeiture extends to large sums of money as well as large items of property. If the charges against you include allegations that you bought your house with drug money or used your house for the storing or manufacturing of a drug like ecstasy, your home may be confiscated and sold at auction. It is not even necessary in many cases for the property owner to be named as a suspect—all that is necessary is that the property itself be implicated in the crime. Asset forfeiture is a major source of revenue for law enforcement agencies at all levels of government. The U. S. Marshals Service currently manages nearly $4 billion in confiscated assets, and if you don’t take action now your personal property or funds may end up in this figure.

Asset Forfeiture Defense In Los Angeles, CA

By speaking with a drug crime attorney Los Angeles from Okabe & Haushalter as soon as you learn that you may be targeted with asset forfeiture, you will significantly increase your chances of preventing or reversing a confiscation without the necessity of lengthy and expensive litigation. We have extensive experience defending clients in drug crime cases, and we are leaders in the field of search and seizure. You can’t afford to wait before getting started on your defense, because law enforcement agencies move quickly when they have a chance to carry out a confiscation.

Contact a Los Angeles drug crime attorney to find out more about how we can help you fight the government when you have been subjected to asset forfeiture.