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Drug Importation In Los Angeles

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Importation refers to the criminal act of bringing illegal drugs into California from another state within the U.S. or another country. Because of Southern California’s close proximity to Mexico and international waters, it’s very easy for people to import or smuggle large quantities of drugs into the area, in particular marijuana, heroin, cocaine, and MDMA (Ecstasy).

Both state and federal law enforcement agencies, such as the DEA and FBI, have been cracking down hard on illegal drug smugglers, especially those at the U.S.- Mexican border and the various seaports along the coastline. Although drug cartels are getting more creative in stashing their drugs into non-assuming cargo, law enforcement is also getting better at uncovering drug importation operations, and finding the evidence needed to conduct their arrest and bring the offenders to justice.

If you’ve recently been arrested for importing or smuggling drugs into California, it’s extremely important that you speak with an experienced Los Angeles drug crime lawyer right away. Drug importation is a serious felony offense, one that is punishable by years in state or federal prison, steep fines, and other legal penalties. Furthermore, many people charged with drug importation are also charged with other drug offenses, such as possession, trafficking, and intent to sell or distribute, which can lead to additional penalties.

Los Angeles Drug Importation Lawyer

At Okabe & Haushalter, we are committed to providing exceptional legal counsel to those who’ve been accused of drug importation in Los Angeles. We feel that going the extra mile can make a huge difference in the success or failure of a case, and that’s why we give each client 100% of our time and energy. Regardless of how complex your case may be or how serious the charges, we will find innovative ways to defend you in court and help you avoid a life-altering criminal conviction.

Contact a Los Angeles drug importation defense lawyer at our firm today to discuss what defense strategies we feel would be most effective in fighting your charges.