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Proposition 36 & Drug Charges

Los Angeles Drug Defense Attorneys

Anyone facing prosecution for drug crimes in Los Angeles is in danger of being subjected to harsh criminal penalties for a conviction. The jails and prisons in our state are filled with individuals who were convicted of crimes such as possession of narcotics, cultivation of marijuana and drug transportation, and it has made a serious impact on the families in our communities.

Due to the increasing incidence of drug crime convictions, the voters of California voted a statute into law in 2000 known as the Substance Abuse and Crime Prevention Act. Also known as Proposition 36, this law is designed to alter the existing trend of imprisonment for drug users and allow those who have convicted an opportunity at rehabilitation while allowing them to remain a part of society.

If you are charged with any type of drug crime, you may be worried over your future, and if you are eager to avoid being sent to jail or prison you need to work with a seasoned Los Angeles drug crime lawyer who knows how to use the provisions of Proposition 36 to your advantage. When it is not possible to avoid a conviction, your attorney can argue that you are eligible for a probationary sentence that will include a course of rehabilitative treatment in an approved program. There are strict requirements for consideration under this law, but if your request is granted you will be spared the punishment of incarceration and criminal treatment.

Drug Crime Attorney In Los Angeles: Proposition 36

Proposition 36 offers a chance to avoid the severe penalties associated with drug crimes, and at Okabe & Haushalter we understand how important it may be for your future to take advantage of this opportunity. We will consult with you about your case to determine whether this is a strategy with a good chance of success and argue on your behalf before the judge.

Contact a Los Angeles proposition 36 lawyers if you want to learn more about how Proposition 36 can protect you against the serious negative impact of a guilty verdict in your case.