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Conspiracy is a federal criminal offense that involves two or more people who agree to commit a crime and then take some sort of action toward the completion of that criminal offense. To be charged with conspiracy, it does not matter if the crime was actually carried out or not, only that two or more people conspired to commit it and took a step toward its completion. If the crime was also committed, a defendant may face penalties both for conspiracy and for the crime which was planned and carried out.

Conspiracy may involve felony or misdemeanor offenses, and it also may involve conspiring to indict another person for a crime that he/she did not commit. However, conspiracy does not involve a simple agreement on the part of two or more people. Some actions must have also been taken toward carrying out the agreed upon crime.

Conspiracy Defense Attorney In Los Angeles

By consulting a Los Angeles conspiracy defense attorney at Okabe & Haushalter, you can get an understanding of the charges you face, as well as knowledge as to the extent of information federal agencies and prosecutors may have against you. This way, you can determine the true value of a federal criminal defense lawyer and determine what to do at this point.

If you choose to work with a defense lawyer at our firm, we will use our experience and know-how to defend your charges in federal court. Although federal criminal charges are often more difficult to deal with than charges involving state courts, our lawyers have the necessary knowledge to provide aggressive legal counsel.

Our Los Angeles federal criminal defense attorneys are equipped to handle conspiracy cases for our clients throughout all of Los Angeles. Contact a defense lawyer at our firm to see how we can help to defend your rights and freedom!