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Internet Crimes Against Children

Internet Crimes Against Children

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If you have been arrested on child molestation charges, you absolutely must contact a highly-skilled, experienced, and aggressive defense attorney as soon as possible. Sex crimes are not tolerated in any way by law enforcement officials, judges, and prosecutors, not to mention general society as a whole. Sex crimes involving unlawful sexual acts against children are even more detested and even more aggressively prosecuted by people who can put you behind bars for life.

By legal definition, child molestation refers to sexual activity with a minor pursued by an adult for the sexual gratification of the adult. There are a number of unlawful sexual acts that could be considered child molestation, such as fondling, exposing oneself to a child, sexual abuse, child pornography, forcing a child to watch a sexual act, statutory rape, and more.

A Los Angeles internet crimes defense attorney who has extensive experience in this area of criminal law will be invaluable to your case, providing you with the informed and practiced defense you need to increase your chances of preventing a criminal conviction that could negatively change your life forever.

Penalties For Child Molestation

If you are convicted of child molestation, you will without a doubt face extreme penalties: long prison terms, steep fines, and mandatory lifetime registration as a sex offender. But these penalties will be the least of your problems. Once you have been released from prison you will be required to register every year with your local police department so they can keep track of where you live. Your name, address, photograph, and the crime you committed will be posted on the California Sex Offender Registry website and be made available for public consumption. In addition, your reputation will be destroyed, and you will be prohibited from obtaining certain jobs and spending time alone with children, even your own. Your friends, family, and community may also not welcome you back into their lives.

Fight Your Charges

Do not let a child molestation accusation ruin your life. A lawyer at our firm can make the difference between a criminal conviction and a verdict of not guilty. We understand the seriousness of the charges you are facing and will make sure you are provided with aggressive defense at each stage of your case. The first thing we will do is look into your accusations to ensure the victim did not fabricate or change his/her story. We will also take the time to collect solid evidence and prepare strong and effective defense strategies.

Once in the courtroom, we will put up a tough fight, and enthusiastically present a compelling defense to persuade the judge and jury to side in your favor. Our goal is to protect your rights and preserve your good name by providing you with the unrelenting defense you need to win your case!