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Understanding Email Spoofing Charges

Email spoofing is a type of internet crime wherein the perpetrator sends a fraudulent email but formats it in such a way as to make it appear as though it originated from a legitimate source. Upon receiving the email, the victim will open it and visit the website listed in the email. This website is fraudulent but may appear to be a valid website in order to obtain sensitive information from the victim. This aspect may be referred to as website spoofing.

Charged with email spoofing? Contact a Los Angeles internet crimes attorney at Okabe & Haushalter as soon as possible. If you are charged with this offense, you may actually be facing multiple counts of not only email spoofing but internet fraud, phishing, identity theft and other related offenses. This can mean that you will face years in prison, along with heavy fines and restitution.

Have You Been Charged With An Internet Fraud Crime?

At our firm, we have the technical expertise and legal experience to help clients who are facing internet crimes such as email spoofing. We can review your charges and work with computer and internet experts as needed in order to conduct our own investigation and uncover forensic evidence that will work in your favor in court. When you work with a lawyer from our firm, you have the backing of a legal professional who will fight for you throughout every single step of the criminal process in order to offer you the very best chance at a positive outcome.

Email spoofing is often a highly technical crime and may be investigated by federal agencies as well as state law enforcement. You will need an attorney in your corner who is looking out for your interests and actively working to help ensure that your rights are not violated during the investigation or at any point in any criminal proceedings. We provide only the best criminal defense representation to our clients.