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Los Angeles Juvenile Crime Attorney

Los Angeles Juvenile Crime Lawyer

Experienced Defense For Minor Offenders

It’s no mystery that no one is perfect. People make mistakes, particularly children and teenagers. When a minor commits a crime, this is referred to as juvenile crime and is handled differently than a normal criminal offense committed by an adult. An attorney experienced in handling juvenile criminal cases is necessary to effectively represent a minor arrested for or accused of a crime.

Located in Los Angeles, our law firm offers legal representation to teens and children accused of any type of criminal offense. At Okabe & Haushalter, we have an understanding of the California Juvenile Court system in order to offer valuable legal support and representation. When you work with a defense lawyer at our firm, we will fight to defend your rights. We take on cases throughout the South Bay and Los Angeles.

We believe it is important that children and young adults are given a chance at rehabilitation, rather than punishment. Although the Juvenile Court process is geared toward rehabilitation, an overzealous prosecutor or judge could easily escalate a situation and attempt to have a child tried in adult court, where he or she will face adult penalties. At our firm, we believe this is not a viable option. An experienced Los Angeles juvenile crimes defense attorney at our firm can help you avoid this turn of events.

The California Juvenile Court Process

In California, Juvenile Court differs from a typical adult court. For instance, there is no jury present during a juvenile trial. At this point more than ever is when it becomes apparent that your lawyer will play a crucial role in determining the outcome of your case. For instance, if your lawyer has an excellent working relationship with juvenile judges and prosecutors, he or she will understand what strategies will be effective in defending your case. Coupled with knowledge and experience regarding juvenile law in California, these relationships will go a long way in reaching a positive outcome for your case.

We have all the qualities you should look for in your juvenile criminal defense attorney. We have the experience, knowledge and commitment to our clients that sets us apart from the rest. Additionally, our years of experience in defending cases in Los Angeles has allowed us to establish good relationships with judges and prosecutors alike. Our attorneys are experienced in handling a variety of juvenile criminal charges, including: vandalism, gang offenses, drug crimes, underage drinking, DUI (driving under the influence), theft and much more.