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Marijuana Charges Against Juveniles

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If your child has been charged with any marijuana crime, contact a Los Angeles juvenile crime attorney right away. Marijuana charges can include cultivation or manufacturing, possession, possession with intent to deliver or distribution. The severity of the consequences, if convicted of any of these charges, will depend on the amount of drug involved, the extent of the operation and your child’s criminal record. It is possible jail time will be involved but with the help of an insightful attorney, your child may be able to avoid this type of penalty or may avoid conviction entirely.

When you contact us, Mark Haushalter & Ryan Okabe, we will thoroughly review your child’s case and build a strategic defense. It may be that your child was not aware he or she had in possession of marijuana, as it may have been placed in their clothes or car by someone else. The same applies to manufacture charges if the marijuana plants were planted without your child’s knowledge.

Your child may have been charged with possession with intent to deliver due to assumptions made based on certain paraphernalia they had in their possession. We will review the prosecution’s evidence to see if they even have a solid case against your child or if their evidence is actually admissible. It is possible we can get the charges dropped before the case even goes to trial.

Juvenile Crime Lawyer In Los Angeles

Our firm is committed to providing a compelling defense against juvenile crimes. We firmly believe that minors should be helped to recover from their mistakes rather than have their future compromised by a criminal conviction. We may be able to arrange for charges to be dropped in exchange for, as an example, your child paying a fine and taking part in a treatment program and possibly some community service.

Contact a Los Angeles juvenile crime lawyer if your child is facing marijuana charges.