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Los Angeles Sex Crime Appeals Attorney

Los Angeles Sex Crime Appeals Lawyer

Representation For Sexual Offense Convictions

The United States Constitution guarantees all citizens the right to a fair trial. An aggrieved party who feels a case decision is unfair or unjust can utilize the California court appeals process. An individual found guilty of a sex offense faces a loss of certain rights and freedoms and the conviction can change the life of the defendant forever.

Ryan T. Okabe and Mark J. Haushalter are established criminal defense attorneys, experienced in the courts in California including the appellate courts. For information and legal advice regarding the matter of an appeal, contact a Los Angeles sex crime lawyer who is knowledgeable in these specific criminal court matters. We have the resources and understanding of all aspects of the criminal court system and the laws that govern trial procedures and the appellate process. Our firm helps many clients following an unfavorable trial decision with the appeal of their cases at the higher court level.

The Criminal Appeals Process In California

In California, the three courts are the trial courts, Court of Appeal and the California Supreme Court. A prosecutor produces factual evidence against the suspected offender and the defense challenges the evidence arguing in favor of the defendant at the time of trial. After the trial concludes, a judge or jury announces the verdict as to whether the defendant is guilty or not. If the defendant receives an adverse decision, he or she has the right to appeal if there was a mistake involving the jurors, the judge or an attorney and that mistake must have had an effect on the outcome of the case.

The appeals court does not allow any new evidence since the review concern is only regarding the facts of the case presented previously. An appeals action can be complex, involving a different writing style and case citation use, as well as specific deadlines dictated by the court procedures.

It is essential to have attorneys skilled in the appellate court process and effective representation during oral arguments and for exact document production required by the courts. Make an appointment today for a consultation with Okabe & Haushalter regarding an appeal of a decision in a sex crime case.