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Charged With Child Molestation?

Child molestation is a very serious crime that occurs when an adult takes deliberate action to engage a minor, often under the age of 14, in an inappropriate way to receive sexual stimulation. Specifically, the act of touching any part of a child’s body in order to gain sexual satisfaction is strictly prohibited by law, and convicted offenders will certainly face a range of harsh penalties. It is in the best interest of anyone accused of child molestation to seek the advice of a Los Angeles sex crime attorney in order to receive the best possible defense.

Child Molestation Criminal Lawyer In Los Angeles

Penalties for child molestation can be quite severe, with long-term jail or prison sentences as well as significant fines, based on a variety of factors including the age of the victim, severity of the crime and other circumstances. Convicted offenders also face a range of other negative consequences including exclusion from the optional expungement process, mandatory lifetime inclusion into the public sex offender database, which means that anyone who lives in your vicinity may be able to pinpoint you as a sex offender. This type of consequence can make it very difficult to lead a normal life upon release.

At Okabe & Haushalter, our main focus is on providing a solid defense for all clients. Child molestation is a serious charge and any defense strategy should be well organized, well thought out and executed with great care. Because there is so much at stake for the defendant to lose, our firm will fight to assure that your rights and interests are represented in the best way possible. We take your concerns seriously and will stand for your right to receive a fair trial. In some cases, our firm may well fight for minimized penalties, or pursue an acquittal at trial.

Contact a Los Angeles child molestation defense attorney if you have been charged with child molestation and would like the best defense possible.