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Legal Defense Against State Or Federal Charges

The offense of child trafficking has to do with the abduction of a minor by force, threat, intimidation or in any other way in order to use the young person for sexual profit. The laws apply equally to girls or boys. In addition, a person who travels for the purpose of exploiting an abducted minor sexually can also be charged with child trafficking. Related charges can be the production or sale of child pornographychild prostitution, and internet pornography. A knowledgeable Los Angeles sex crime defense attorney can help you to understand your charges, the possible punishments and what can be accomplished in your defense.

Penalties For Child Trafficking

In the fall of 2009, a new law was passed by our state legislature that made the penalties for child trafficking even more severe. If you are convicted, you may be fined up to $20,000, plus forfeit your property and any money that was made from the trafficking activity. Child trafficking is thought by our society to be a particularly abhorrent crime and is prosecuted as such.

Attorneys from our firm, Mark Haushalter and Ryan Okabe, are experienced former prosecutors who know the uphill battle you face when accused of child trafficking. For years, we have been willing and able defenders to those accused of sex crimes and would like to offer our aggressive and skilled representation to you.

Prosecution For Child Trafficking

The University of Pennsylvania reported that in our country approximately 293,000 children per year were in danger of being abducted for sexual purposes. Law enforcement and prosecutors are highly motivated to punish anyone considered to be a sexual predator. This can result, however, in persons being accused of crimes that they did not commit and improper police actions being done in order to gain evidence against an alleged child trafficker.

Federal statutes also cover child trafficking and the penalties for conviction are even more severe than on the state level. Conviction on a federal child trafficking offense can result in a life term in prison. We want you to have a legal team who understands the federal laws and how to produce a favorable result in your case at the federal level.