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Legal Defense Against Federal Charges In Los Angeles

Criminal offenses in the area of Child pornography cover internet pornography, the use of chat rooms to solicit Sex with a minor, the production and sale of pornography involving minors, child trafficking and prostitution and other sex crimes. If you are convicted under state laws, penalties can include fines, registration as a sex offender, community service, probation, parole and time spent in jail. A conviction will become part of your permanent criminal record.

Child Pornography And Federal Offenses

No matter the child pornography crime you are being charged with, your rights and freedoms are at risk. It is essential, therefore, to use a proven Los Angeles sex crime defense attorney to prepare and aggressively carry out your defense.

There are many federal laws that can be applied to child pornography offenses as well. Mailing or advertising child pornography across a state border (including through the use of e-mail) falls under federal statutes. Receiving this type of material, possessing it, promoting it and other actions can also become federal crimes. If any sort of pornography is sent to a person under 18 years of age, or the material is offered to a minor, the federal government can charge you with a crime.

Fighting Federal Charges

In our firm, Mark Haushalter and Ryan Okabe have the experience and knowledge required to successfully defend against federal child pornography charges. State and federal laws differ and if you are convicted on federal charges the penalties will be much more severe. The age of the child can result in much harsher penalties under federal law. When you have prior convictions for similar offenses, the punishments can be increased as well.

The federal government can also charge you with being involved in a child exploitation enterprise. There are specific elements to this crime but if you are found guilty you can be sentenced to a term in a federal prison of not less than 20 years up to life behind bars. In our firm, we work tirelessly to raise a reasonable doubt in your case. The burden of proof is with the prosecutor. We look for and exploit weak points in their case which can be used on your behalf. Being charged does not have to result in a guilty verdict.