My Child Has Been Charged With A Crime - Will They Go To Jail?
If your child has been accused of a crime and is don’t aware of the juvenile court process. It is better to have a powerful defense attorney on your child’s side.
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My child has been charged with a crime- will they go to jail?

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It is very frightening to watch helplessly as your child is taken into custody and accused of a crime, but you should be aware of the juvenile court process. Unlike an adult’s criminal process, your minor’s case will be heard and decided by a family court judge, not a jury. It is important to have a powerful defense attorney on your child’s side who can challenge the prosecution’s evidence and cross-examine witnesses, and to advocate for your child’s freedoms. The juvenile system is typically more interested in rehabilitation than punishment and incarceration, and your lawyer can implore the judge to lessen your child’s possible penalties and protect their future opportunities.