Why Do I Need A Private Attorney If I Can Have A Public Defender?
To know why you need a private attorney if you can have a public defender. Consult Okabe & Haushalter for information regarding hiring a private defense attorney.
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Why do I need a private attorney if I can have a public defender?

Results matter, especially after an arrest. See how our past successes have helped our former clients.

Our commitment to protecting the rights of our clients drives us to secure the best possible outcome.

When the unexpected occurs, we are here 24/7 to listen to your side of the story and act on your behalf.

Public defenders are available for defendants who cannot afford to hire a lawyer of their own. A public defender should not be used unless you truly cannot afford to enlist a private defense attorney for your case. Public defenders most often carry more cases than they can handle, and many are unable to give defendants the personalized attention and detailed preparation they need and deserve.