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We live in a global society, where people travel throughout the world for business and pleasure. With countless people constantly entering or leaving the country on a daily basis, borders can often become blurred. However, not every country has the same type of justice system. What may be considered a simple misdemeanor charge in the United States could be considered a very serious crime in another country. Getting arrested can be a scary experience–especially when you are traveling abroad. If you do not know the laws of a particular country, you could be facing severe penalties. Even worse, your rights may have been violated without your knowledge. It is vital to have a team of experienced high-end international criminal defense attorneys in your corner committed to protecting your rights and always looking after the best interest of each client.

Why More People Choose Okabe & Haushalter For High-Profile International Criminal Defense

Not all criminal defense attorneys are the same. Many are not qualified or lack the knowledge and skills to represent clients in foreign countries. Choosing the wrong legal professional can bring disastrous results. Over the years international criminal defense attorneys Ryan T. Okabe and Mark J. Haushalter have successfully represented clients in some of the most complex criminal cases abroad and the United States. Based in Los Angeles, we represent high-end clients from throughout the world for the following types of cases.

Our team of international criminal defense attorneys travels throughout the world to represent clients who face some of the most serious and complex criminal charges. Although many United States attorneys are not allowed to practice in foreign courts, we can provide valuable legal assistance for U.S. citizens and foreign nationals by organizing a comprehensive strategy to assist with foreign legal counsel to ensure each client is treated fairly and placed in the best position to succeed.

Why More People Choose Okabe & Haushalter

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The U.S. justice system is based on innocence until proven guilty. However, not every country abides by those same ethics. Many of the rights often taken for granted by American citizens are often overlooked or simply ignored by other foreign governments. Our job is to fight to protect the rights of each client. The international criminal defense attorneys at Okabe & Haushalter represent high-profile clients whom governments are attempting to extradite to and from the United States and its territories. From the moment we take on a new client, our legal team immediately begins working on building your case. We take pride in working diligently in the courtroom and behind the scenes to ensure our clients achieve the best possible results.

When it comes to high-end international criminal defense, do not take chances with your legal representation. Do your homework. To learn more, contact our international criminal defense law office in Los Angeles and take the first step towards resolving your legal problems. Schedule a consultation today.