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Brain Injury Cases In Los Angeles: Injury Claims

Approximately two hundred thousand individuals are hospitalized annually with a brain injury. Approximately one-quarter of this number die and almost 50% will be left with a disability. Regardless of movie plots and TV shows, most brain injuries do not result in a coma or vegetative state. A brain injury may cause frequent or chronic headaches, dizziness, memory difficulties, impaired coordination or balance, personality changes, insomnia, blurred vision, loss of cognitive ability and other serious symptoms. Most brain injuries result from an external blow to the head but can also result from a powerful shaking motion which can cause the brain to move inside the skull which can occur in a car accident, truck accident, boat accident, bike accident or pedestrian accident. If you have suffered a brain injury it is important to have the assistance of a Los Angeles personal injury attorney to determine what compensation might be owed to you.

Brain Injury Lawyer In Los Angeles

When a person has been severely injured as a result of the negligence of another, it is only fair according to the law that the victim is reimbursed for any related expenses past and future and compensated for other losses including wages, enjoyment of life and pain and suffering. Insurance company representatives may seem concerned and even sympathetic but their duty to their employer is to keep compensation to an absolute minimum. Don’t be fooled into signing any settlement agreement without first consulting a skilled brain injury lawyer from our firm who can fully advise you on the settlement you are owed.

We will investigate the circumstances of your accident, consult medical and other experts concerning future care you may need and the full extent of any disability. Contact Okabe & Haushalter to consult with a skilled personal injury lawyer who is prepared to help.

Contact a Los Angeles Brain Injury Attorney at our firm is determined to obtain the maximum compensation which is owed to an injured client.